From this page you access the vision of on-line lectures on various polychrests. Each conference lasts on average a couple of hours and presents these remedies according to the Method of Complexity. Each remedy is presented illustrating: the fundamental themes, the characteristic in compensation status and decompensation, coherent groups of symptoms, the most common diseases successfully treated in the casesĀ  with a long follow-up; the most recurrent dream contents; the most significant elements of vulnerability, of compensation, decompensation, repair; some important aspects of the relational mode; the differential diagnosis with other similar remedies

Unlike past conferences will no longer live but recorded and accessible from this same page. You can still submit questions to Dr Mangialavori using the email under-specified and I can possibly organize online conferences live to discuss even with other colleagues about the remedies dealt with and the methodology.

The cost of each conference is 30 Euro, the package of a year (5 lectures) is 120 Euro. Conferences are not downloadable and will be available for a period of two years.

The remedies of this list WITHOUT an image abreast are scheduled but the conference has yet to be registered!

NOTE: From this page you can only buy the courses but you can not see them, to see the courses already purchased click here , for the moment these conferences are available only in Italian, they will be available during this year.

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