I created the first version of Consulta over 30 years ago. Since then the program has gone through major changes and updates until you get to what it is today, version 10 Plus running on the latest platforms for Mac, Catalina, and Windows 10 (see at the bottom page)

The reason that prompted me then to draw this program was the absence of anything like that on the market. So I thought to do something for my personal use. And so it was, practically until 20 years ago when some colleagues asked me to share this my little effort. View has been designed specifically for my personal working method: based on a verbatim collection of what I bring patients, the possibility of doing research that I need to evaluate the results of my requirements, for text searches, illnesses, words key, actual conventional treatments and so on.

20 years ago I have added a module, Thesis: a data-base program for the collection of information on substances used to prepare the remedies and the same remedies, applying my Method of Complexity in Homeopathic Medicine.

The two programs since they interface and allow me to consult my notes on the remedies while I visit and study while working.


Consulta WAS NEVER A COMMERCIAL PROGRAM. It was not created by a software company, but by a clever programmer, Paolo Barbolini, with which I have the good fortune to work for years. There is not a sales network but now it is possible to take advantage of direct assistance from who created the program itself.

Recently, unfortunately due to personal vicissitudes, it was not possible to devote to its development as I wanted and had to … but sometimes in life appear other priorities.

Of this I feel obliged to apologize to colleagues who have used the program and who recently found themselves in trouble, but if I remember correctly clearly explained to all that See has always been a project for personal use and that is not supported by any company or product to obtain any profit. The minimum amount that was requested today for its purchase, 50 Euros, is always reinvested in the development and does not represent a profit.


View is available in a version for Mac, now updated to version10 compatible with the latest OS X and Windows operating systems, including the latest Catalina. But versions are also available for previous operating systems.

Consulta 10 Plus (See + Thesis)

Consult and Theses are two databases that interface: the first is a friendly and easy to use homeopathic medical records program, the second a program for storing and processing all the information useful to the homeopathic physician in the study of homeopathic remedies, the substances from which they are prepared, the main “themes” that They characterize each remedy and, in general, to gather in one program the mass of information about remedies that are often messy and difficult to resume as needed.

These two programs can operate separately or, better still, as one system.

Consult is a very simple program in its use and, at the same time, extremely professional and powerful.

View allows you to draw up the medical record to the doctor homeopath homeopathic leaving the maximum freedom to work as they wish, without any obligation to modify their own personal style of case taking.

All this with the addition of the great advantages offered by information such as: the possibility to simply store laboratory data, images, repertorizations, the literature data, the data inserted investigations for patients, very quick and simple searches in its own experiential material, assessment to remedy the results of household remedy, disease, patient’s symptoms, the repertory symptoms, voices from the literature, repertory rubrics, etc.

Thesis is a database for the study of homeopathic remedies, a program that lets you collect and sort the data on the remedies information: images, descriptions of the starting substance, the use in the tradition, the use in pharmacology, homeopathic knowledge , the themes of the remedy, the case reports in the literature, their own records, the information gathered during seminars, bibliography, etc.

Thesis is the program that finally allows you to concentrate in a single “space” all information, records and material scattered that every homeopath accumulates in the course of his career, from his early days as a student on.

Consulta and Tesi are programs from the big feature, extremely stable, simple and immediate use.

These programs are part of a project created by homeopaths for the homeopathic community, with the aim to ensure over time independent working tools of commercial interests.

After purchasing the software (about 1 day) it will be possible to download Consulta 10 from your personal area.

After installing the software, you need to request the activation code by sending an email to mangialavorimassimo@gmail.com with the username you have chosen and the serial number of Consulta (serial number) visible at the bottom of the Consulta/Tesi screen.

For any problems relating exclusively to the installation and / or conversion of data from the old versions of Consulta, it is possible, by sending an email to paolo.fb@iol.it, to request a consultation at a cost of 40 Euros (payable via Paypal or Card) .

For other consultations it is possible to contact the same email paolo.f.b@iol.it specifying the problems in order to evaluate any solutions.