Group of webinar from 01 to 10


Group of webinar from 01 to 10

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	1	Liliflorae (all-c like): All-c, All-s, Aspar, Colch, Conv, Croc, Cypr, Iris, Lil-t, Orni, Sabad, Sars, Squil, Verat, Verat-v 
	2	Xantinae (coff like): Cac, Coff, Dam, Kola, Paull, Thea, Yohim
	3	Drogali (op like): Aeth, Agar, Anh, Ban-c, Bov, Bufo, Camph, Cann-i, Camph, Coca, Conv-d, Conv-s, Hell, Hydrog, Lact, Laur, Lith-c, Nabal, Nux-m, Op, Pen, Pip-m, Psil
	4	Fabaceae (bapt like): Alf, Bapt, Der, Galeg, Glyc-g, Lath, Meli, Mim-p. Phase, Phys, Rat, Rob, Saroth
	5	Latti (lac-c like): Lac-as, Lac-c, Lac-cpr, Lac-d, Lac-del, Lac-eq, Lac-f, Lac-gl, Lac-h, Lac-leo, Lac-loxo-a, Lac-lup, Lac-o, Lac-s
	6	Metalli semi-nobili (chr like): Chr, Chr-s, Nicc, Pall, Sel
	7	Asteraceae (arn like): Arn, Bell-p, Calen, Cham, Cina, Erig, Eup-per, Eup-pur, Mill 
	8	Alcuni Insetti: Apis, Apis-r, Blatta, Canth, Coc-c, Cocci-s, Dor, Form, Mant-r, Musca-d, Vesp
	9	Parassiti (ped like): Hir, Cimx, Culx, Ped, Pulx, Trom
	10	Alcuni Nitrici:  Aml-n, Arg-n, Calc-n, Cob-n, Gunp, Kali-n, Sanguin-n, Uran-n



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