To reach us Page Directions to Office in Castel del Piano

Castel del Piano (Grosseto): The office is situated along the road SS 323 that leads from Castel del Piano to Seggiano. Carefully follow these directions and it will be easy to reach.

Drive a few kilometers away from Castel del Piano. After a sharp bend to the left, close to a plant seller, and a hundred meters after the junction on the right indicating Pescina, Vetta Amiata, and Vivo D’Orcia, you will see a spaghetti restaurant on your right called “170 grams.”

In front of the restaurant on your left you will see a WHITE  road sign that says IANUA MEDICAL AMIATA, La Marrona, Casidore.

Take this road that is paved initially and then unpaved a short way, until you see on your right a wooden sign that reads IANUA MEDICAL AMIATA, PODERE TEPOLINO, Az. PACHAMAMA.

Follow this small road completely for about 300 meters. The road ends at the parking space for the office. The road is easily passable all year except during heavy snowfall.

WE STRONGLY SUGGEST THAT YOU NOT RELY ON YOUR GPS AFTER REACHING CASTEL DEL PIANO, as they often incorrectly suggest that this road is a footpath. Sometimes they make mistakes…